Sunday, June 25, 2017

New challenge ... Choose Joy!

Hello, friends!
It’s Nancy here today to share a few thoughts with you.
I’m going to begin by asking you a question:
What does JOY mean to you?
Think about that for a minute while I share today’s Scripture verse:
“Consider it pure JOY, my brothers and sisters,
whenever you face trials of many kinds…”
James 1:2 NIV
Now let’s go back to the question.
If we think of it in the context of that verse, our meaning of JOY is wrong.
We usually think of JOY as being feelings of happiness, right?
We don’t feel happy when we’re facing trials, do we?
Well…JOY does mean feelings of happiness and great pleasure
but did you know that JOY is also a verb?
A verb is an action word, right?
It’s something that we DO.
So…how do we DO JOY?
We CHOOSE it! We GO AFTER it! We BE it!
HOW do we do that?
When we’re in the midst of pain and stress and misery…how do we do that?
We focus on our HOPE and FAITH, and the inner JOY we all have,
…a gift given to us from the Lord.
True lasting JOY, and the peace that comes with it, comes from the Lord!
That brings me to the Challenge today!
Pull out some goodies from your stash that bring you JOY!
Then JOYFULLY create a project to share with us here!

I look forward to seeing what you make! :o)

This will be an anything goes as long as it brings you joy. And here are the creations from our design team:

Now its your turn. Please use the link up below to add your projects that bring you joy. 

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  1. Lovely inspiration. What greater joy than the announcement of the birth of the Savior!


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